Society6 Venture

I started a new shop on Society6. They have an interesting array of possible formats for 2D art. This is fun and fresh to my eye. Making art. Having fun getting it out into the world.

Black and White Orchid, Sumi-ink on Watercolor Paper, c. 2016, Stephanie Rose Bird

Healing Power of Plants

My artwork, created over the past few years, will be on exhibition at Brushwood Nature Center in Riverwoods, IL from February 10 – March 31st. A panel discussion, in the Dear Earth Series, is a part of the exhibition. This is a two-person exhibition with printmaker and artist, Gabriella Boros.

Two-Person Exhibition

Brushwood Nature Center Opening and Talk (exhibition details)



I will be showing a variety of plant-inspired, soulful, experimental works at Brushwood Nature Center, starting February 10th. The show features a wide body of mixed media works on paper, canvas and wood, created over the past three years. The opening reception is February 10th from 1-3 p.m. followed by a panel discussion with fellow artist Gabriella Boros, with whom I’m sharing the wonderful gallery space. Come join us for refreshments, visual exploration and a chat.

Harvest Moon Work

I have been working on end of season, Harvest Moon art work, in my studio. These works feature Prismacolor colored pencils, to render organic abstractions from life. The focus is the towering broomcorn, I grew in the front yard and also very tall but dainty, sunflowers. The broomcorn and sunflowers are shown in the context of the sidewalk and the street. They come together to create vibrant and festive abstract urban landscapes that celebrate fall.


This work is also featured on Saatchi Art.

Working in colored pencil is meditative and relaxing. There is a nice range of colors, similar to paints in the larger sets. I intend to add more colored pencil work to my repertoire this fall and winter.


A few months ago, I had a vision that I should create this installation piece. Each day, more was revealed to me about what I should do. Finally, it is finished. It is my entry for ArtPrize 10 in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the end of the month. My artistic statement and vote code is on the #ArtPrize website here: ArtPrize 10 link.

Here are some details of the panels closer up:

Ceramic Bowl Sculptures

So much of my creativity arises in dream form first. That was the case with my writing. It was visualized as a secret garden in my dreams, repeatedly, all through the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Then, I started having dreams about my ceramic practice – long abandoned. I had dreams where it came to the fore of my life in college and I thought about majoring in it. I never did that but I enjoyed many classes and after class raku session in pottery.

As fate would have it, my lovely children purchased a ceramic class for my husband and I. (Thanks to them!!) Here are the results. It is all fired at medium-range and is made from

stoneware. I was trying to simulate raku but using an indoor, electric kiln.

Relaxing Creatively

Recently, I have been exploring organic forms, especially orchids. I have also been investigating new art materials and techniques. Here is a day I recorded, of my afternoon of watercolor painting, after my new set of watercolors arrived. It focuses around an orchid I received for Valentine’s Day.


As you can see, it starts with a relaxing combination of teas–sipped throughout the process. Then relishing my lovely new watercolor set. (I love to play with new art materials!) Followed by a sepia-toned sketch. Next, layering-in colors lightly and then finally, full color. All in my handmade paper sketchbook. Then, I went to mixed media board and did a dissection of the petals, using the watercolors, some inks and charcoal (featured image).