Harvest Moon Work

I have been working on end of season, Harvest Moon art work, in my studio. These works feature Prismacolor colored pencils, to render organic abstractions from life. The focus is the towering broomcorn, I grew in the front yard and also very tall but dainty, sunflowers. The broomcorn and sunflowers are shown in the context of the sidewalk and the street. They come together to create vibrant and festive abstract urban landscapes that celebrate fall.


This work is also featured on Saatchi Art.

Working in colored pencil is meditative and relaxing. There is a nice range of colors, similar to paints in the larger sets. I intend to add more colored pencil work to my repertoire this fall and winter.



A few months ago, I had a vision that I should create this installation piece. Each day, more was revealed to me about what I should do. Finally, it is finished. It is my entry for ArtPrize 10 in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the end of the month. My artistic statement and vote code is on the #ArtPrize website here: ArtPrize 10 link.

Here are some details of the panels closer up:

Ceramic Bowl Sculptures

So much of my creativity arises in dream form first. That was the case with my writing. It was visualized as a secret garden in my dreams, repeatedly, all through the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Then, I started having dreams about my ceramic practice – long abandoned. I had dreams where it came to the fore of my life in college and I thought about majoring in it. I never did that but I enjoyed many classes and after class raku session in pottery.

As fate would have it, my lovely children purchased a ceramic class for my husband and I. (Thanks to them!!) Here are the results. It is all fired at medium-range and is made from

stoneware. I was trying to simulate raku but using an indoor, electric kiln.

New Artist Portal and Gallery

With the New Year of 2018, I’ve decided to dedicate more time to getting my art out into the world and out of the studio. To the end, I joined Saatchi Art. It’s fun having a new space in which I can share my work. Primarily, I’m showing my latest work from the last part of 2017.

This mixed media drawing is called “Eyes Wide Open.” It is a diptych of 30″ x 44″ and was created in 2017. The drawing depicts a flower bouquet in a Neo-Cubist Expressive style. The end result is an Organic Abstraction. My goal was to encourage movement and cultivate an abundance of vibrant colors.

Excerpt from “Earth Mama’s Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss” By Stephanie Rose Bird

Book excerpt on Pantheon.com through Life Force Arts Center. This shares information about the inspiration and backstory to “Earth Mama’s Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss.” This is an intro to the workshop derived from the book, which occurs this Saturday at Life Force Arts Center, in Chicago.

Pantheon: a journal of spiritual art

Bird head shot Stephanie Rose Bird

Note: [Join Stephanie Rose Bird on June 3, 2017 for her workshop Cerridwen’s Pig at Life Force Arts Center.] I am what many people would call an Earth Mama.  As an avid butterfly and wildflower gardener, herbalist, natural product designer, landscape painter, botanical arts instructor, companion to four animals, wife and mother of four children, I amply fit the profile.

Bringing my children into the world, nursing them and watching them grow are the pride and joy of my life.    The problem is, I have been growing and expanding exponentially with each child, averaging a 60-pound weight gain per child.  As a young woman, I found it relatively painless to lose the 180 pounds gained with the first three children, but my late in life baby was an altogether different story.

If you thought it was impossible for any woman to wear a few more hats, think…

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Memorial Day at Deer Lake

Having visited Deer Lake, Wisconsin, near the border of Minnesota, several times, I’m feeling as though I’m starting to understand the way land and water come together. Here are a few of the mixed media paintings and a drawing I did there, over the past week:

Sharing some News!

My sixth book, Earth Mama’s Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss was released earlier this week. It is wonderful to have the book finally out from my computer, and out into the world. This book helps those on the weight loss journey stay relaxed, calm and in control as they take on the changes they desire.

The book further helps readers engage with the Earth Mama, also known as Mother Nature, in numerous ways, for assistance while they slim down. In its pages you will find recipes and formulas that incorporate herbs, flower waters, flower essences, essential oils, spiritual baths, altars, ceremonies and rituals, to help along the way. There is also journaling space at the end of each section, for personal reflection on your progress and thoughts.

Though a slim book, it contains a rich stash of information that encompasses Earth-based Spirituality, Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, Earth Wisdom, Meditations, Affirmations, Invocations and sustained spiritual practice.

The book was a challenge and a pleasure to write. It went through growing pains, challenges and struggles along the way to its becoming, as have I. Part memoir and part nonfiction spiritual guide, it is a book rich with information, written in the nonjudgemental spirit of openness and sharing of a healer.