Ode to Spring Exhibition

Classic Cinema Annex Gallery

Here’s a sneak peak of my new exhibition, that I just mounted yesterday with the help of my daughter Olivia. I call it “Ode to Spring.” The paintings were done last spring and summer and they are warming to see in this cold weather.

They are exhibited locally. Our movie theatre, of all places, has started exhibiting artist’s works in an annex space.

Funny to see Angry Birds, the movie, advertised in front of the space where my paintings are showing, especially since my studio is called Love Bird Designs.

If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll stop by to see the work, even if it is coming or going to see a film 😉


Early Morning Tulips

Capturing the excitement and delight in morning light and its effects on tulips, as only a morning lover might do–this is the intended goal of “Early Morning Tulips.”

Sunny Day in the Garden

This painting was done in multiple sittings, capturing a sun-drenched natural light. The flowers are directly rendered from life and show various stages of the life cycle of my daisies in the front garden.

Gardening Action with Bugs and Flowers

I vividly remember the day I did this painting. It was hot and humid. White moths and butterflies flew about–even bumble bees had a visit. Some of these bugs stuck to me but I kept painting. This painting is a la prima, meaning it was done in one setting. It is also en plein air, (done outdoors on location).

Dandelion Puffs with Allium Flower

You probably wouldn’t know it but those pesky dandelions are revered by herbalists and allium are a more decorative member of the onion family. This piece is very green and a bit muted for my liking, still I’m glad I caught those dandelion puffs before they blew away!

Livvy’s Orchid #4

These orchids were done in the late afternoon under mellow diffused natural light using mixed media of a water-based and oil-based painting and drawing material. I’m growing fond of diagonal compositions, triangles and motion.