New Spring-Inspired Abstracts

This is a sampling of my newest work, inspired by spring, the Cubists, and Looney Tune cartoons. From left to right “Crazy Kitty,” “Largess” bottom image is titled “Imagine.” The top image is called “Hum” and is acrylic on linen. Other images are mixed media on paper.


Spring Cleaning

Since our weather is incredibly mild for February, I’ve gotten spring on the mind. I’m cleaning my studio today, thoroughly. Getting it ready for a fresh new body of work, starting tomorrow. I’m thinking it’s time to give the flowers and still life a rest. Time for something new:

Conceptual Art using Portraiture. A series potentially called Specimens of a Negro.



Will be back to share, as the process develops.

Larkspur before the Storm

This is number 4 in my larkspur series. I’m still enjoying their curious shapes and the relationships of the shapes to one another. I got quite a thrill yesterday, as I worked on these drawings. The wind picked up and the sky blackened. It was quite a dramatic studio session!

Labors of Love

I am finally getting somewhere with my floral theme and orchids in particular. Here is the first full painting that came as a result of the series of small scale mixed media works on paper. I’m quite surprised by how sculptural it turned out because the mixed media works rely more on line quality, shape and color. This piece is oil on canvas, done with impasto technique, featuring an emphasis on negative and positive relationships and textural study.

Sunny Day in the Garden

This painting was done in multiple sittings, capturing a sun-drenched natural light. The flowers are directly rendered from life and show various stages of the life cycle of my daisies in the front garden.

Gardening Action with Bugs and Flowers

I vividly remember the day I did this painting. It was hot and humid. White moths and butterflies flew about–even bumble bees had a visit. Some of these bugs stuck to me but I kept painting. This painting is a la prima, meaning it was done in one setting. It is also en plein air, (done outdoors on location).