Memorial Day at Deer Lake

Having visited Deer Lake, Wisconsin, near the border of Minnesota, several times, I’m feeling as though I’m starting to understand the way land and water come together. Here are a few of the mixed media paintings and a drawing I did there, over the past week:


Nature Painting Event Invitation

With a pancake breakfast in the woods and the opportunity to talk to over 50 Chicago area artists about their work-in-progress done on location, you can’t go wrong with this event if you’re interested in landscape painting.

Sunny Day in the Garden

This painting was done in multiple sittings, capturing a sun-drenched natural light. The flowers are directly rendered from life and show various stages of the life cycle of my daisies in the front garden.

Dandelion Puffs with Allium Flower

You probably wouldn’t know it but those pesky dandelions are revered by herbalists and allium are a more decorative member of the onion family. This piece is very green and a bit muted for my liking, still I’m glad I caught those dandelion puffs before they blew away!